General Questions

What is a World Trade Center?
World Trade Centers are multifunctional buildings with a licence from the World Trade Centers Association. There are presently around 330 WTCs in the world. World Trade Centers are owned by various parties. WTC Rotterdam and WTC The Hague are the property of Bouwinvest Dutch Institutional Office Fund. One of the aims of a WTC is to stimulate trade by offering businesses a corporate platform.
Is the building accessible for the disabled?
Absolutely. Brasserie Staal has a lift you can use, it is next to the main entrance on Beursplein. You can exit in the Brasserie or the Main Hall. If you are coming by car, then park in WTC-P1 (entrance on Rodezand). There is a lift in the garage that will take you directly to the Main Hall of WTC Rotterdam.


Where can I park?
The largest number of parking spaces are in our WTC-Beursplein garage. The entrance is on Leeuwenstraat. If you would prefer to park in the building itself? then come to our WTC-P1/P2 in-house garage. The entrance is on Rodezand. The P1 section is accessible to all and also open in the weekends. The P2 section is solely for pass holders.
Can my visitors also use the WTC garages?
Absolutely. Anyone can use the WTC-Beursplein (entrance on Leeuwenstraat) and WTC-P1 (entrance on Rodezand) public car parks. So, your visitors can also park here. 
Are there electric charging stations in the garages?
Yes. There is a total of 18 charging stations available. There are six in WTC-Beursplein and twelve in WTC-P1/P2.
Is there parking space available for bikes?
Absolutely. You can park your bike in the covered bicycle storage area. The entrance is on the corner of Rodezand and Meent. If you want to take out a subscription for this, then please contact our service desk by calling +31 (0)10 - 405 44 44. We will be happy to help you. It is also possible to park your bike in the public space around WTC Rotterdam or to use one of the municipality's free secure bicycle parking facilities on the Meent.


What are the opening hours?
We are open 24/7. WTC Rotterdam’s reception is staffed between 7.30 am and 6 pm and our security is present 24 hours a day. So, there is always someone in the building.


What type of offices are there?
In WTC Rotterdam’s high-rise and in the offices on Meent and Coolsingel we have renovated office spaces available as well as offices that will soon be renovated. Which type of office would best suit your needs? We will be more than happy to talk to you personally about our various offices.
I am looking for an office or flexible workspace, how do I go about it?
To rent an office, you can schedule a meeting with Eveline Steenbergen, Managing Director of WTC Rotterdam. Eveline will be more than happy to give you a tour of our building and if you are interested we can look at the financing options. For a flexible workspace, please contact Jeroen Redder.
Can I use the various meeting rooms?
Absolutely. Various meeting rooms are available on the sixth and first floors of the Business Center. If you are a tenant at WTC, then you will receive a standard discount on these rooms. That’s a nice bonus. If you need more space, then WTC Rotterdam’s Postillion Convention Centre could be exactly what you are looking for. 

Questions & Complaints

Who can I call with any questions or complaints about WTC?

If you have a general question, then you can go to the reception desk. If you have a complaint, reception will connect you to our service desk on telephone number: +31 (0)10 - 405 44 44.