Facilities & Services

WTC Rotterdam has more than just good workspaces. We also have various bars and restaurants, shops, an art gallery and parking.

We have extensive facilities and services for you

Whether you rent an office space from us or you simply want to spend a day shopping in Rotterdam, WTC Rotterdam has something to offer everyone as you would expect from a building of this stature. Besides the wonderful architecture, customised office spaces and a business address with international appeal, we offer you an extensive range of facilities and we have a number of interesting services you can use.

Facilities for everyone

  • Main Hall
  • WTC Shops
  • Art Gallery
  • Parking
  • Meeting rooms
  • De Koffiesalon
  • Staal Rotterdam
Main Hall

Everyone is welcome in the Main Hall, WTC Rotterdam’s beating heart: from our tenants to guests from across the globe. You will be warmly welcomed at our reception and if you need assistance, the Business Services department is right there in the Main Hall. When you want some down time and a bite to eat, you can find a spot on the patio at Staal and order a delicious lunch or grab a quick coffee to go for you and your colleagues from De Koffiesalon. There are plenty of options. Enjoy!

WTC Shops

If you would like to do a bit of shopping while visiting WTC Rotterdam, then right outside WTC Rotterdam you will find Beursplein, Coolsingel, Rodezand and Meent, all offering a great and varied range of shops.

The central location of our building makes this a place where entrepreneurs and A-brands are happy to settle. The WTC Shops (shops that are located in the WTC building) are also united in an active association, which also offers discount to WTC tenants.

Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery at WTC Rotterdam offers a platform for contemporary art and modern design. We exhibit national and international art. Come in and enjoy the range of art we have on offer. And if one of the pieces really catches your eye, you can buy it to take home or hang in your office. We present a new exhibition every two months. So, we can continually surprise you with inspiring art.

Our gallery has free admission and is open daily. Gallery manager Martin Bijl is present from Friday through to Sunday from 12.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Should you have any questions or want to know more about a piece of art, then please make an appointment on: +31 (0)10-405 17 81 or via artgallery@wtcrotterdam.com.


You, your staff and visitors can park at WTC Rotterdam. We have no fewer than two car parks: At Leeuwenstraat 2 and Rodezand 19.

Important info:
- Height of visitor entrance: 200 cm - Height of delivery entrance: 200 cm

Meeting rooms

We have meeting rooms available for rent if you need one. We have various size rooms. Whether you have a consultation with two people, or are giving a workshop for 40, WTC Rotterdam Business Center is the place to be. WTC Rotterdam is also the perfect option if you have a conference on the programme. The Convention Centre can accommodate 1,000 people. And it goes without saying that all our rooms have the best audio facilities available. If you are a tenant at WTC Rotterdam, then you will get a discount when you rent a room in the Business Center.

De Koffiesalon

Their ultimate goal of de koffiesalon is to make the best coffee in the Netherlands every day. And that is not an empty promise, because an international jury judged this business the ‘Best Coffee Maker in the Netherlands’ in 2015. De Koffiesalon’s mantra is: no strange flavors, no weird names, no gimmicks, just outstanding coffee in every cup. The specially trained baristas guarantee that!

Staal Rotterdam

Staal is the place to be for a quick lunch or for dinner close to the office. In the summer, the Staal patio on the Koopgoot is the perfect spot to grab a bit of sun during work time.

Business Services


Van het moment dat je gasten binnenkomen, tot ze weer weggaan, worden ze door ons Business Services team begeleid. En heb jij zelf iets nodig? Van nieuwsbrieven tot een relatiegeschenk en van een vergaderruimte tot het versturen van een pakketje; Ons Business Services team ontzorgt jou waar nodig. We heten je gasten elke dag tussen 7:30 en 18:00 welkom.


Maak je gebruik van onze WTC Rotterdam telefoonservice? Dan kun je rekenen op toegewijde, representatieve krachten die je zoveel mogelijk ontzorgen:
- Ons Business Services team is bereikbaar van 7:30 tot 18:00.
- De telefoon wordt professioneel en persoonlijk opgenomen.
- Je kunt ons ook inzetten om actief te bellen en leads te genereren.
- We zorgen ervoor dat je boodschappen worden opgeschreven tijdens meetings.

Maandservice €250,-
Dagservice €25,-
Bovenstaande prijzen zijn exclusief btw, aansluitkosten, licentiekosten en mutatiekosten. Onze telefoonservice is alleen mogelijk met Nox Telecom.


Wanneer je gebruik maakt van de WTC Rotterdam postservice, kun je rekenen op professionele ondersteuning:
- Ons Business Services team is bereikbaar van 7:30 tot 18:00.
- We ontvangen en verspreiden je post.
- We zorgen ervoor dat je een papierloos kantoor hebt, we scannen je post namelijk in.
- We verzending je pakketten en poststukken op aanvraag.

Postservice €50,-

Bovenstaande prijs is exclusief btw.


Een vaste secretaresse aannemen is al snel een behoorlijke kostenpost. Maar via WTC Rotterdam huur je eenvoudig en op prettige voorwaarden een professionele kracht in:
- Ons Business Services team is bereikbaar van 7:30 tot 18:00.
- Onze secretaresse is in te zetten wanneer je wil.
- Bij vakantie of ziekte zorgen we direct voor vervanging.
- Je hebt geen werkgeverskosten.
- We rekenen geen wervingskosten.


We werken met verschillende Business Services pakketten bij WTC Rotterdam. De pakketten zijn opgedeeld op basis van uren:
Small: 16 uur p.m. € 640
Medium: 24 uur p.m. € 936
Large: 32 uur p.m. € 1.216
* Alle genoemde prijzen zijn exclusief btw en gelden voor post óf telefoon óf secretariaat.

Abonnementsvorm “all-in”:
• Post, telefoon & secretariaat
Bronze: 16 uur p.m. € 800
Silver: 24 uur p.m. € 1.071
Gold: 32 uur p.m. € 1.326
* Alle genoemde prijzen zijn exclusief btw en gelden voor post én telefoon én secretariaat.